Here’s your chance to participate
in the most massive abortion protest in U.S. History!

Life Envelope Day 2016

You don’t have to travel, march or even phone your elected officials.

It takes only a click of your mouse.

The unborn cannot speak for themselves.
They need you. They need your voice. NOW!

With the Congress back in session and the March for Life behind us some progress has been made since the FIRST RED ENVELOPE DAY CAMPAIGN in 2009. But the fact remains that some 3,000 babies are aborted every day as Obamacare forces Pro-Life Americans to subsidize abortion on-demand.

This year we have an unprecedented opportunity to speak for the Preborn.

Ashampoo_Snap_2014.11.04_14h20m42s_009_Common-sense Americans understand that abortion is NOT “contraception”; that forcing Americans to subsidize Planned Parenthood to take the lives of thousands of  innocents is WRONG; and that as complicated as the “choice” to abort a child is, the fact is that if left unmolested in the womb, a “fetus” is born into a life which no one else should be allowed to take.

And now that we have seen the change this mid-term election has brought to DC and as we anticipate the coming 2015 Presidential Election both parties can no longer be permitted to give millions of Americans the brush-off. The timing couldn’t be better to get their attention and to win over their hearts and minds on this life and death issue.

And we’ve got just the way to do it, and it’s powerful in its simplicity . . .

It started in 2009 as many of you know, when Pro-Life Americans flooded The White House, Congress, Media and even the Supreme Court with over one million empty red envelopes.  Each empty envelope memorialized one child’s life left empty by the abortion holocaust.  We scheduled the envelopes to symbolically arrive on January 22nd, the memorial day of Roe vs. Wade.

We’ve continued our protests over the years and plan to make Life Envelope Day 2015, the most massive protest of any since the original Red Envelope Day ofSend cards button at 95 2009.

More than 3,000 precious lives are snuffed out by abortions every single day in the U.S.  We can’t give up on this fight or sit on the sidelines or it will never change. Our policy-makers need to know where we stand on this issue and they need to know that we expect them to finally do something about it.

To send your “Life Envelope Day 2015” cards so they are timed to arrive on March 22, 2015 along with a flood of cards from other Americans click here or any one of the big red buttons.

Don’t miss this urgent call to send 1.2 million Life Envelope Day envelopes  –– one empty envelope for every child aborted in America every year!

And, not only will decision-makers in Washington hear your voice through millions of Life Envelope Day envelopes, but the success of Life Envelope Day 2015 will also assist Pro-Life Organizations who are on the front lines of this life-saving battle. This gives you the double opportunity to have your voice heard AND to support the very best Prolife warriors in America!

Don’t wait. It’s incredibly easy to get started right now. We have done all the work for you and sending your Life Envelope Day 2015 Envelope cards is completely automatic:

STEP 1: Click the ACT NOW button to the above right or click this link.
STEP 2: Choose the political leaders and media – “decision makers” — you’d like to send your Life Envelope Day envelopes to. You can send your direct message to President Barack Obama, your Congressional Representatives, the Supreme Court Justices, and the media including Fox News and MSNBC.
STEP 3: Complete the form to send your Life Envelope Day 2015 envelopes. It’s a powerful Pro-life message. That’s it. You’re done!

And this is MOST important!

Please use the “Share Bar” you see on the left side of the page or go to the “Spread The Word” Tab to share the Life Envelope Day 2015 message with friends and family through your social media or email accounts. To simply use your own email program press on the link in the Share Bar that looks like this:  Envelope

Please don’t make the mistake of doing nothing.  Now is the time to act! Click on the big RED Button that you see on this page or here to create an overwhelming news story that the American media cannot ignore.

And remember, proceeds that are realized through this site will support the outreach and organizations that are working to make Life Envelope Day 2015 a success. So, your Life Envelope Day cards aren’t only the voice of the unborn, they are also a way to support key Pro-Life Organizations that are fighting every day for life!

You can either go to the “Send Cards” tab above OR click here, OR click any of the big RED buttons OR click the sample Life Envelope Day image below to send your Life Envelope Day 2015 Cards.

And remember, WE DO ALL THE WORK FOR YOU. We will print and deliver YOUR PERSONALIZED card on March 22nd, 2015 on your personalized behalf. It couldn’t be easier for your voice to be heard in defense of the Preborn!                                                                            

P.S. If you are wondering why “Red” Envelope Day is now “Life” Envelope Day, the answer is painfully simple. Our campaign was threatened with legal action by parties OUTSIDE the Pro-Life Movement. These parties took exception to use of the “red envelope” in the name we have used since 2010. We simply had no choice but to rename the campaign “Life Envelope Day”.

And finally, please contact us if you have any questions or if you think you or your organization can help us spread the word.